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Thread: My life after marrying a Philippine woman

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    My life after marrying a Philippine woman

    Loving, hospitable, family-oriented, responsible. These are some traits that my wife shows me all the time. My life has been blessed since I married a Philippine woman.
    She is really an ideal wife. For the year Iíve been with her, I feel nothing but happiness in our home. And I am hoping this will last. I am just so happy I decided to marry her.

    I met Jolina because of AFA. In their Romance Tour which I attended, I was stunned by how Jolina carry herself. By that event, I realized I need to be with her for the rest of my life.
    Now, she is my life. She will be the mother of my future kids. She will be my partner until death.

    Marrying a Philippine woman is a decision one should be proud of. I am the living testimony of this. My wife is my life. Since then, I become so happy,
    the atmosphere in the house is so incredible. Of all the women I dated before, Jolina is the most worthy to be loved and to be cared for. She is just extraordinary.

    What Ďbout you? Share some of your experiences with your wife. Do you have that same happiness Iím feeling right now?

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    i am a filipina girl and i wish married someone like you. my afro-american ex-husband married me in subic bay philippines and took me home to chicago illinois. he was very sweet and loving in phillipines. when we went to the usa he started sharing me sexually with his friends. i found out from one of the friends while making out my husband was getting $200 an hour from him.

    i ranaway with my son as i didn't want go jail as a prostitute

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