I kinda don't think that sort of thing would go over as well in real life as it did in the movie. Though, I'm sure I could put my Deadpool costume on and get into all sorts of other mischief. Actually, I've had thoughts of doing that. For example, have you ever been to the movie theaters and seen those big displays/posters some of the bigger movies have these days that actually encourage you to take your picture with them? For example, it has a bunch of the characters from whatever movie and then a space between them where you are supposed to stand/sit to take a picture.

I've thought of getting all Deadpooled up and taking my picture with those. LOL! Only reason I haven't is because it does kind of take a lot of effort for just a minute or so of taking some pictures. I mean, it might be kind of uncomfortable actually seeing a movie in my full costume, so I'd sort of have to actually make a special trip JUST for the pics.