In 8th grade, I was close friends with a gu. In fact, our parents went to high school together. Upon finding out that he liked one of my closest friends, I severed all feelings towards him. At times, I was rather mean even. Skip to 11th grade, and neither of us talk to that friend, and we're closer than ever. He's my best friend. A lot of people have commented on us having a romantic relationship, but we don't. His dad keeps trying to set us up. My friends ship it, even if they barely know the guy. And he has a friend that keeps urging him to ask me out. At first, everything was platonic. Then, he seemed like he was flirting, and at some point I realized I still have feelings for him. Today he was telling me that his mom had suggested that we watch a movie together (It's circumstantial) He basically said it reminded him of Netflix and Chill. I'm so confused, because he always seemed to be quite adamant about the platonicness of our friendship. (Please note that he is literally the most precious high schooler I've ever met. I had to explain what Netflix and Chill was)