Need Help
Alright so there is a girl that I truly love. We were best friends from the first day of school and remaind friends ever since. For 10 year we were extremely close, and began to date as freshmen in high school. It wasn't the best relationship, on both our parts, but she seemed happy and I was too. Then out of nowhere, she breaks up with me, telling me that she doesn't want to talk to me and that she found someone else.

Now obviously I was extremely mad and distressed at the time, turning to all sorts of remedies (fighting, drinking). I slowly got over it, and began to look for a new girlfriend. I met and dated several girls, but none of them had any impact on me compared to the first girl (call her S).

It was then that I realized all my mistakes I made in the relationship and how I could have seen the break up coming. It was also when I realized that I love S and still want to be with her, regardless of what she put me through.

She is happy with her boyfriend and they have dated for almost 2 years. We have talked a bit lately, but she doesn't know how I feel about her. For the moment I just want to repair my friendship with her. Im glad she is happy, but what should I do. I know I love her, but don't want to intrude on her relationship. Also, should I tell her how i feel?