Backstory: My girlfriend and I have been dating for a month, but we've known each other for longer. She is the sweetest and kindest girl I've ever met. She is beautiful and smart. We were first friends and naturally, we fell for each other. I'm the first girl she's ever been with. Recently, we took our first couple road trip together. I was not in a good mood for some silly reason and I got frustrated towards every little thing she did. After a glass of wine, in clouded judgment, I scolded at her in the middle of the restaurant. She did not say anything back, but she continued to try to make me happy the remainder of the trip. I apologize on our way back, and she asked me why. I did not give her a good explanation, she says she forgives me.

Current Situation: Our trip was a few days ago. She said she forgives me, but I brought it up during a recent phone call, she said she did not want to talk about it again. She seemed upset. She has been cold and distant from me. There are less flirting and social media interactions between us. It will be almost a week until we see each other again. I made reservations at a romantic restaurant followed with salsa lessons. I told her that I would surprise her and she seemed excited. I really miss her and I really miss us. I feel terrible about what I've done. I've been losing sleep. She's asked me why I'm not feeling well and asked if she's done anything wrong to caused me to not feel well, but I told her it was not her. I'm too stressed out to think anything rationally right now. I keep thinking what if she wants to break-up with me, but because its Christmas/New Years coming soon, she doesn't want to ruin my holiday. I honestly don't know what to think. I don't know what to do make her forgive me and move on to a better future for us.

Thank you so much for listening to my story. Please give me some advice on what I should consider and do for her to forgive me. I would love for us to move forward from this rough patch.