Hi guys,

Yes, I have been recently rejected by this wonderful woman at work. I will cut the chase and will admit that my way of approaching was out of the blue. However, she was the one sending me all the mixed signals and I just reacted to them. You guys might be wondering maybe all of these mixed signals were just in my head. I also believed that at first but then my friends told me, ''Oh no we saw all of that and she definitely was open to all of your advances and was also flirting with you''. So she basically was sending me mixed signals without even realizing it. I get it.

We were at this bar, dancing, and I just came clean and told her that she looks absolutely gorgeous, to which she replied I like you too but I didn't even let her finish and went in the for kiss. That was a bad choice from my side. She backed away and I realized from that moment that she was just not interested. She told me that, its not appropriate since we work at the same place and have the same group of friends (who saw everything going on). I accepted my defeat and told her to take it as a compliment.

I decided to move on from this and then she started sending me 'pity messages'. In her head when she saw me she might have been thinking, ''Aw I broke his heart and I feel so guilty about it''. However, I was and still am moving on with this in my head, ''So this specific women rejected me out of billions and billions of other women out there, no big deal and I will get over it''. I want to move on but to me it seems like that she wants to buy me that ticket to board her ''friendzone train'', which I will never do !

My intentions were never to become friends with her but to ask her out on a date so that she could get to know me better from there. But I kind of screwed all of it up. I have only known her for a month or two.

I just don't want to pretend to fake our friendship so this is what I wrote to her after she sent me one of those pity messages once again, ''I think you are an amazing person but I just can't pretend to be your friend while in reality I want to date you. Give me a call or text me if you ever get interested in that, I'd love to see you again. I just can't pretend to be a fake friend, take care''.

She replied back saying, ''Take care''

Was this the right way ? I mean I can't just sit around and let her force all of this into a friendship. She is not into me, I get it, but that doesn't mean that I have to force myself into a friendship that I had no intentions for in the first place.

How should I behave now in front of my group when she is around ? I mean I will be polite and friendly to her (Just going to be hi and bye)

I respect my self value and won't settle for less in life...